Class CH,

Welcome to Class CH.   We are a Year 1/2 class and our teacher is Miss Hirst.  Mrs Poulter and Mrs Woodcock also work with us.

In Class CH, we love to learn and some of our favourite subjects include Numeracy, Literacy, Topic and Art.  We have PE every Tuesday and Thursday and this is something we look forward to each week.  We also have Music on a Friday morning.  Our Spelling test is on a Thursday afternoon.

The number one golden rule in our classroom is to always try our best.  We think that this is very important! By following our golden rules, we are working towards being ‘Star of the Week’ and this means we get a prize out of Miss Hirst’s treasure chest.  We also earn Dojo points by following the rules and being kind to our friends.  These give us a chance to win a prize out of the treasure chest too.

The Chicks
The Chicks

Here in Class CH we have had the privilege of incubating three eggs which have hatched into healthy chicks. It has been extremely interesting for us to see how the baby chick grows inside the egg. We were even able to watch the chicks as they hatched out of the eggs. What a great experience it was! Below you will find some of the photos we have taken with the chicks during their time in our class.

Events for Class CH

* Wednesday 3rd July 2019 - Class Visit to Cleethorpes - leaving at 8.30am

* Tuesday 9th July 2019 - PM Sports Afternoon

Class CH Library Visit February 2019