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Cherry Dale Primary School

Learn Together, Grow Together, Succeed Together

Pupil Voice


After a rigorous voting process in our school elections, many worthy candidates were elected to take to the roles.

Meet our school representatives... 


The Head Boy and Head girl will meet with Mrs Brown and will support school in developing new ideas and projects and discuss any current issues and developments. 

The Prefects will meet with Mrs Brown to discuss any issues that arise in school. 

School Parliament will meet with Mrs Brown and discuss how we can change and improve our school and the local community.


The journalists at Cherry Dale meet with Mrs Hedley and have the exciting task of creating a school newspaper. They will bring the latest news and will work hard to release an issue each term

The Digital leaders meet with Miss Jankowiak and promote digital technology throughout school. 

The Librarians work with Miss Simpson and are responsible for keeping the library tidy, helping children choose, return and issue books.


The Eco Champions will meet with Mrs Blackhurst and Mrs Tonge and ensure the school is aware of environmental issues and to help improve these issues around the school and community.

The Breakfast Club monitors will work with Mrs Watson and will lead activities and support children at breakfast club. 

Playground Leaders will work with Mrs Devonport and support playtimes and lunchtimes. They will be promoting playground games ranging from hula hoops, skipping ropes, basketball, netball, cricket, football and dodgeball. 


Road Safety Ambassadors will work with Mrs Brown and help to promote road safety among pupils and parents. They will share important information about the importance of road safety and how to be safe on the roads.