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Cherry Dale Primary School

Learn Together, Grow Together, Succeed Together

The Curriculum and the effective implementation of the curriculum is at the heart of Cherry Dale. We strive to provide a dynamic and aspirational curriculum for all our pupils rich in knowledge and experience. Our knowledge-rich curriculum places powerful knowledge at the heart of the curriculum. Our knowledge content is carefully chosen for all of our pupils at Cherry Dale and is organised in a coherent way, ensuring it builds from year to year. We ensure that all learning is taught in a meaningful way and have made informed choices about what experiences we want our children to have and how these build over time across the curriculum. These engaging experiences allow our children to become and think like historians, artists and geographers. An essential element of our knowledge rich curriculum is the development of a broad and rich vocabulary, and the explicit teaching of this. We have redesigned our curriculum through a process of discussions with staff and governors to capture the core values that make our school an exciting place to learn and teach. We ensure that our pupils learn foundational concepts first as these are essential so that are pupils can understand more complex information. Early reading and language skills are embedded across the curriculum. We have introduced The Primary Knowledge Curriculum for the teaching of wider curriculum subjects. Subject content is crucial to our approach. Our ultimate aim is to foster a love of subject content and plant the seeds for a lifetime of learning. We ensure the knowledge our pupils learn in the curriculum is cumulative, and constructs firm foundations from which our pupils at Cherry Dale can build their conceptual understanding and skills over time. 

Our offer is underpinned by our vision, ethos and school motto of ‘Learn together, Grow Together, Succeed Together’. Throughout their time at Cherry Dale, we want our children to become curious and resilient learners who want to succeed and contribute positively to the wellbeing of their community.  Our core values are embedded within our curriculum: kindness, respect, positivity, excellence, determination and resilience, aspiration, independence and responsibility and these are reinforced through our 5E’s for Excellence.

It is our intent to give all our pupils the best possible start as soon as they enter Nursery.

Curriculum Rationale 

Curriculum Policy