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Writing Statement of Intent

At Cherry Dale Primary school, we believe that exposure to children’s literature within the primary school setting is vital as a rich context for learning. The teaching of writing is a priority. Our intent is for our children to have real reasons to write, whether to explain, persuade, inform or instruct and that where possible this is embedded within a text or linked to a curriculum area. By placing books at the core, we allow teachers to use high quality text as the context for planning meaningful writing opportunities for our pupils. Writing skills development starts as soon as children enter our nursery and continues throughout school, appropriate to the age, ability and needs of our children. We intend to provide all children with the basic skills which will ignite their enthusiasm and enable them to become successful writers. Our ultimate intention is for all our pupils to write independently and effectively for a range of audiences and be equipped with all the writing skills which will support them in preparation for their time in secondary school. We aim to offer all of our children rich, vibrant opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills across the curriculum.  

English Vocabulary Progression

Writing Rationale

Writing Skills Progression - Conjunctions

Writing Skills Progression - Editing

Writing Skills Progression - Evaluating 

Writing Skills Progression - Handwriting 

Writing Skills Progression - Planning 

Writing Skills Progression - Punctuation 

Writing Skills Progression - Terminology

Writing Skills Progression - Text Construction

Book based approach to English